This Is Why This Year Will Be the Year of E-commerce

Pandemic. Quarantine. Social distancing. Such scary words in a world that have been turned upside down. Stores are closed and people are advised to stay indoors to avoid getting sick. So what now? How do we survive and go on with our lives in this “new normal” we have going on? We have families to feed and work to do. Thankfully, we also have online shopping.

E-commerce is a blessing now, letting our commercial transactions be conducted online. We can buy and sell anything and everything through the worldwide web. Need groceries? Click here. Need a gardener? Sign up here. Need to pay bills? Enter the biller code and credit details. Want to sell your goods and products? There’s Etsy, E-bay, Shopify and dozens of other platforms to build your own shop. Need a personal assistant while you babysit? Hire DadSourcing. *wink wink*

Local stores have also jumped on the bandwagon. Specialty stores like Peace CollectiveDetox Market Canada, and Evio Beauty have been offering free shipping with zero minimum spend, and even retailers like Aritzia and Aldo Shoes have announced that they’re also not charging customers for shipping. Here are some more stores that have online shopping and shipping that may interest you:

Some of us belong to a gym or have a favorite salon, you can check if they offer coupons or gift cards you can use once this all blows over. Plus there are some stores that offer pickups and curbside service in place of or in addition to delivery. Here are some big brands that offer pickups for those interested in getting out of the house for a couple of minutes (remember to adhere to government-regulated safety measures guys):

While the government has promised to compensate us for closing our shops and being unable to go in for work, we still have a myriad of options at our fingertips. We are living in uncertain times at the moment but never fear that a better tomorrow will come. We don’t know when this will all end so for now, sit back in front of your computer and let your fingers do the work.
If you like all of this ordering from home and getting your goods delivered to your doorstep, there’s also the possibility that this pandemic will have forced your favourite companies to adopt a more digital-first, e-commerce mindset that will only benefit you after the world reaches normality again.

Who are your favourite online shopping and delivery options right now?

If there are any companies that you have stood out to you with the way they have adapted during this time, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can chat with them about becoming a partner on DadSourcing. Be sure to comment below.

Stay safe out there!


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