Get the Gift of Time

We all wish there were more hours in a day. By partnering with DadSourcing, we can take care of the mundane tasks so that you can get back to doing what you love. Let DadSourcing be your tool to free up time for the most important things in your life like spending time with your family or pursuing a side-hustle… or golf.

No Task Is Too Big or Too Small

We love a challenge. Whether it’s researching the best plumbers in your area or helping you launch your own business, we’re here to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

Save Time and Save Money

At DadSourcing, we not only aim to give you back time in your life, but to save you money as well. Using DadDeals, you have access to the best deals to help you complete your task. Whether it’s tackling a new renovation or launching your own business, our team of experts have the VIP deals to align you with local and national services that are convenient and cost efficient.

What are these Tasks and Services you Speak of?

Here are daily and ongoing tasks that we can take off your plate for you, Dad:

Fitness and Mental Health Support

Whether you need help in the gym or in the noggin’, we are committed to helping you in this space. Want to find a local personal trainer? How about an online fitness coach? Want advice on the best meditation apps around? Get swole and woke at the same time. (Dad jokes are on us.)

Family Travel Plans

Hate researching and deciding the “perfect” place to go on vacation with the family? Let us take that off your hands. We will do all the heavy lifting and act as your travel agent. We can even negotiate the best price with notable travel partners.

Admin Tasks

Let us schedule your meetings, do your expenses or call clients for you – we’ll do it all. No Dad loves mundane administrative tasks, so let us do the boring stuff for you. We won’t even tell your boss/wife that you went golfing while we do them either.

Launch a Business

Ever wanted to have a side-hustle? Have aspirations of launching your own company? You’ve come to the right spot! We have in-house business consultation available with our DadSourcing Start-up & Small Business package, as well as access to financial advice, website development and marketing/sales expertise.

Family Travel Plans

Let us act as your personal concierge as we navigate the ins-and-outs of your schedule. By allowing us access to your calendar, you’ll never miss a birthday or anniversary again. We will proactively contact you with upcoming monthly events and ensure all tasks are taken care of ahead of time.

Admin Tasks

You may be a handy Dad, fixin’ things all over the house. Or you may be like a lot of Dads and don’t even own a hammer. Don’t stress over it – we can align you with the best electricians, plumbers or contractors in your area. We will match you with the best and most trustworthy tradespeople around so you don’t need to explain the hole you made in the wall later.

What Our Dads Say

I would be lost without DadSourcing. Being a Dad is hard and frustrating at times. By using a service like DadSourcing, I don’t have to stress about the little things and I can just focus on being a great dad.


Dad, Waterloo, ON


I work shift work so my schedule is all over the place. I use DadSourcing as my compass to keep my family life intact. Whether it’s reminding me about birthday parties or planning our latest family vacation, I can’t imagine my life without this service.


Dad, Calgary, AB


I always wanted my start my own business but I never had the time. Time. It’s a funny thing. It pretty much vanishes once you have kids. DadSourcing is now my business partner, helping with market research, website development and even hooking me up with DadSourcing partners that I know will make my business a success! Thanks DS!


Dad, Toronto, ON


Be the Best Dad You Can Be!

It’s time to be the Dad you’ve always wanted to be. Let us give you the time, resources and support you need to earn that #1 Dad coffee mug! Sign up today and start putting us to work!


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