Seven Reasons Why People Love Having a Personal Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistance industry has been on a rise for a while now and more and more people have been hiring virtual assistants to be their personal assistants. But what is a virtual assistant and how do they become a personal assistant?

By definition (from Investopedia) a virtual assistant is “an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.” Virtual assistants can become your personal assistant because they can do almost anything virtually that your assistant can do in person.

In this day and age of technological advancement, we’re sure you can imagine having our own Jarvis or Friday just like Tony Stark does. But since AI isn’t readily available for everyone who’s not Elon Musk, we have to make do with the next best thing which is virtual assistants. There are many pros to having a virtual assistant such as saving salary costs and training costs as well as saving time for yourself. Personal virtual assistants are becoming the norm and here are some of the common tasks you can delegate to them:

  1. Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants – virtual assistants can research for you, provided you give them the details they will need like your destination, your budget, your preferences and they can even do the booking for you if you provide your card details.
  2. Social media management – most virtual assistants are knowledgeable in navigating the social media world. They can create posts for you as long as you provide the details needed in the post, as well as answer comments and on platforms and forums.
  3. Simple digital marketing tasks – from posting content to creating content your virtual assistant can help, as well as running ads and commenting on posts and forums. You just have to give the virtual assistant information on what you want them to post for you.
  4. Managing calendars, appointments, and emails – your virtual assistant can manage your calendar, and emails as long as you give access to both, can add appointments, and edit them as well. They can even make some calls to set up appointments as long as you provide the details they need to make the call.
  5. Preparing reports – each virtual assistant has experience with MS Office and can help with making Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other Office platforms. They can research for you in regards to content or you can give them the content to include in the reports.
  6. Event management – if you need help organizing events online and offline your personal virtual assistant can also handle that, as long as the details have been given. Since an event is a big deal to supervise, you will need to communicate with your virtual assistant regularly to make each event a success.
  7. Writing or blogging – there are specialty virtual assistants who are experienced in writing blogs, copywriting, resume making, newsletters, and other types of writing tasks. With minimal supervision, they can create content for you that you can use for your blog or website or newsletter.

You may be wary of hiring a virtual assistant and giving too much work or too much freedom in handling your accounts but you can rest assure that virtual assistants are trained to do such tasks in the first place. There may be many factors to consider before getting a virtual assistant such as expectations on both ends, hiring expenses, and communication, but the bottom line is that a virtual assistant is there to make your business and personal life easier. And we Dads definitely want our lives easier so that we have more time for our families, and this is the best option for times like this.

We at DadSourcing would like to invite you to try our virtual assistant services. DadSourcing can offer the virtual assistant services we have listed above and timely output for each task. We would love to give you the gift of time, more free time, so you can have more time for your wife, you’re kids, and hobbies. You can use our Dad Deals and save money as well as donate $1 to Canadian Men’s Health Foundation with every subscription.


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