PODCAST: DadSourcing Featured on The Underground Podcast

On Wednesday, February 25th, DadSourcing Founder and CEO, Tyler Cameron was featured on The Underground Podcast with Ryan Moore and Justin Loncaric. 

This recording took place around the Christmas holidays, however, was just released now due to the amazing success and interest that Ryan and Justin have endured since launching this podcast. We think it was well worth the wait!

What is the podcast about? 

Well, they describe it as, “The Underground…. Each week we dive in on what it means to create, nurture and live in communities everywhere.” 

These gentlemen record in Burlington, ON, which is where Tyler calls home and where DadSourcing was born. 

What do Ryan, Justin, and Tyler chat about in this episode? 

Love the description here from The Underground Podcast: 

The boys gripe about some first world problems at the beginning of the episode. Ryan’s couch is delayed and Justin’s wife’s iphone 12 is on major backorder…..pfft.

This leads them into their conversation with Tyler Cameron. He’s the founder of dadsourcing.com. A genius site that allows dads to take advantage of virtual “help” in order to live more productive lives.

We open the gates into the service and find out exactly what kinds of things Tyler has seen come across his plate. Dad’s love BEER…who knew?!?

Tyler’s company is all about helping! He shows us how he can remove some of the BS from our lives and allow us to ….well….drink more beer and golf more. Which is actually code for “hang out with your family more”.

You can reach out to Tyler’s team at www.dadsourcing.com

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To view the entire episode, follow the link below of your podcast platform of choice and enjoy: 


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Lastly, If you want to learn more about DadSourcing and our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Info@DadSourcing.com. 


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