How can a virtual assistant help you this upcoming holiday season?

Dads are so busy especially now that holidays are coming! It’s not hard to imagine how you juggle doing your work and all the tasks in your personal to-do list just to keep up with everything that needs to be done in the Christmas hype. Beside your 8-hour work shift and the need to get 8 hours of enough sleep, you only have 8 hours left remaining to do tasks at home like researching for things not only in the house but most especially for which gifts you will give to your family and loved ones. Oh, and once you decide, next up is the grueling task of actually doing the shopping to have all these things you need to buy. There just seems to be not enough time for everything and you’ll probably end up having a holiday rush.  

You may also feel the need to adjust more into the new way things are done in this holiday season. Because of the pandemic, you may notice the increased need to do family events and friends’ gathering virtually, which is not how we are accustomed to in the past. The level of personal and face-to-face interactions with friends and loved ones has drastically decreased and setting up these kinds of events would need more of your time in front of your computer or your gadgets.

With all these worries in mind, you are now looking for ways to catch up with all the tasks and pressure. And this is why DadSourcing is here to help you out. We offer virtual assistance services for every task you have at hand to ease the pressure and let you have enough time to have a wonderful holiday that you truly deserve!

 How we can help you?

In DadSourcing, your virtual assistant can help you with almost anything under the sun — from doing research about what gifts to buy for your loved ones to even sending these wrapped gifts directly to someone’s door! Your personalized virtual assistant can also help you manage your calendars for keeping track of your family events and sending virtual invites for your virtual gatherings this holiday season. With DadSourcing, you kick back and not feel guilty about pouring that second glass of eggnog. 

Here are some of the specific tasks that are in-demand during the holiday season: 

Travel Planner: You may want to travel this holiday season as part of your family tradition, however, based on where you live, travelling to see your family may not be in the cards. With a lot of COVID restrictions and protocols, DadSourcing can help stay on top of the latest updates for your area and if you should be going anywhere this holiday season. We can send you daily updates as you lead up to your trip with information, health updates and recommendations that your area has issued. 

Manage your business: Work doesn’t stop. And if you’re one of these guys who find themselves still working up until Christmas eve, you might want to have some help from us! We can run your business, given specific instructions and oriented with the processes, we can handle it for you. You will surely end up considering having virtual assistants do technical jobs you might want to set aside because of much more important things to your work. Here are some samples of things we can do for your work: newsletter creation, email support, digital marketing, lead generation, and data entry tasks. 

Send Out Holiday Invites: Sending invitations to your house for a party or virtual invite for online gatherings can sometimes be forgotten especially if you are pre-occupied. We can handle it for you! Starting from planning the event up to the event itself we will make sure that this holiday would be memorable.

Purchase Gifts: This is the most common to-do for all of us for sure! But finding a ‘perfect gift’ would really take time and effort. The good thing is time and effort is what virtual assistants have! You can simply tell us who you want to give your gift to and some other preferences and we will have it ready for you. All you need to do is to choose and approve. We can even send that gift to the recipient hassle-free. 


With DadSourcing, our virtual assistants will provide you with all the help you need to unburden you with your tasks and help you actually relax during this holiday season. Experience the life-changing difference. What are you waiting for? Try it now for free! The first task is on us.


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