Flex Those Mental Muscles

You’re going to hear us talk a lot about mental health. We can’t help it, it’s a part of our DNA over here at DadSourcing as we aim to help as many Dads as possible live a healthier and happier life. 

The pandemic has forever transformed the workplace, bringing strain on the increasingly exhausted workers. As companies look to predict the post-pandemic world, they are already making major improvements to how they function. In the new year, corporate executives cite a variety of developments and forecasts that would be critical for companies to succeed. Giving mental health conversations a regular procedure and de-stigmatizing mental health problems are now at the top of the priority list along with promoting self-care and wellbeing at work (as they should be). 

Although maintaining a good outlook does not always make you less depressed or anxious, it really does equip you with the skills you need to deal with stress in a healthy way. Such advantages include setting actionable dream-based aspirations, having and sustaining more meaningful relationships, and also giving the immune system a much-needed boost.

Ok, you’re in! Now how do you exactly improve your outlook and the way you deal with the stress in your pandemic-infused life? You’re in luck, we’ve compiled a list for you to develop that mental toughness:

1. Gratitude journal

ICYMI, our Founder, Tyler Cameron wrote about the superpower that is gratitude last week.

There is always something to be thankful for in general, so why don’t you remember it on a regular basis?

A journal of thanks is a perfect way to remain motivated daily with little or no endeavour. Daily, you should show at least an aspect of your day for which you are grateful. They could be as little as seeing an adorable puppy on the way to work, or as big as receiving an opportunity from a dream career. In comparison, they could be something that happens to you on that particular day—such as having yourself a huge latte—or something that still happens in your life—such as finding a family who loves you.

2. Self-care

It’s still essential to take care of your physical and mental health. It can be daunting while you’re employed on a full-time job that needs you to communicate regularly with people frequently in high-pressure circumstances.

In order to make progress with a good outlook, occasionally you have to step back and look and treat yourself towards something special. Self-care is all the way to go these days for a good cause. And, it really doesn’t necessarily have to entail a grand gesture like a midnight immersion in a tub with candles and a glass of scotch—although that seems pretty dope, too.

3. Take breaks

It can also be tough to make time for a serious rest packed, eight hours per day. That entails leaving the office (home or in the real world), getting dinner, and packing away all the job-related information. You are constitutionally entitled to take a break. Thinking about work for eight hours straight will lead to fatigue and annoyance. A 30-minute break may give you another energy and get you more inspired to resume your job on that day. Allow yourself time to boost your positive energy, so you’ll be able to finish the day on a positive note.

4. More jokes

Laughter is truly the greatest medicine. Laughter has nice quick results on the mind and body. In the long run, humour and optimistic thinking associated with laughter will trigger neuropeptides that combat depression and other severe illnesses. It will also help you deal with tough situations and make you feel better in general. By telling more jokes, you can make fun out of possible negative scenarios at work, and then at the same time training your body and mind for a more optimistic attitude.

Don’t know any jokes? No problem, listen to others tell them; Netflix has a wide range of stand up comedy shows to check out. 

5. Talk it out with a therapist

Mental health therapist offers assistance to people suffering from mental or emotional trauma. They can use a range of therapeutic strategies to help individuals deal with anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions. 

There have been a few silver linings during his pandemic and access to services on a virtual level where they weren’t available before is one of them. 

Thanks to companies like Inkblot (our favourite), you can create a profile and get matched up with the therapist best suited for you and your needs. Therapy isn’t all that you see on television or in the movies, it’s essentially just a conversation – heck you don’t even have to leave your house now. 

There you go! We have you covered on ways to flex your mental health muscles during this time.

While there is are multiple vaccines, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, so bookmark this page and refer to these tips as often as you need to. And if you are looking for more tips like this, our DadSourcing team is here to help. Not only can we curate tips like this, we can provide daily reminders, help with research on the best meditation apps, and much more to help support you and your mental health journey.

Reach out to us info@dadsourcing.com today for a FREE consultation and start living an healthier and happier life!


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