Five New Thoughts about Men’s Health Week That Will Help You Understand How Important It Is

DadSourcing was made for Dads to help them have a healthy and balanced lifestyle because we men need to take care of our overall health more, especially due to current events. Our virtual assistant services aim to help Dads out so they have time to take care of themselves. To have a healthy lifestyle we all have to eat proper food, exercise daily, get enough sleep, and so on, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function to our full potential.

This year, Men’s Health Week falls on June 15-21, 2020. Men’s Health Week came about in Canada since research showed that men are prone to have poorer health due to huge amounts of stress, self-isolation, increased inactivity, and bad eating habits. We guys need to overcome these especially now that we have a pandemic on top of it. It makes sense that a healthy lifestyle will lead to positive relationships and positive personal growth.

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is once again inviting everyone to celebrate Men’s Health Week and show the fathers in our lives how much we love them.  CMHF is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Larry Goldenberg and Wayne Hartrick in 2014 with the aim of helping men to live a balanced and healthy life by building awareness, changing attitudes, and adjusting behaviours towards men’s health. Since the CMHF is a registered national charity that solely relies on donations, we at DadSourcing have partnered up with them and we donate $1 / subscription every month. So your subscription helps not only DadSourcing but also the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, and we look forward to building a bigger community with them.

We are proud to support the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and we would like to invite everyone to be more involved in the 7th Annual Canadian Men’s Health Week by the CMHF. They have a great new blog that gives tips on how you can get involved and one of our favourite tips is about sharing easy health tips and tools with dads. In light of the recent pandemic that swept the world, we expound on some tips that can help Dads with their health during these trying times:

  • Food: Save your family from COVID-induced munchies with simple healthy snack ideas. You can check the tips from Don’t Change Much which includes the yummy Tzatziki with whole-wheat pita bread, or the list from Momstown which includes “Mancakes”.
  • Exercise: No time to workout? You can check Consumer Reports for some simple exercises you can do at home, they even have videos you can follow along to. Or you can check The Globe and Mail for some tougher exercises geared for those who frequent the gym.
  • Stress reduction: Is your mind writing cheques your body can’t cash? Once again, Don’t Change Much has some suggestions to relieve stress for men, and you can also check out Heads Up Guys for more useful information including taking a stress test to determine your level of stress.
  • Time management: There are some handy tips you can take from Ask Men about how to successfully manage your time, and Don’t Change Much has come up with some pretty good life hacks for Dads.

Celebrating Men’s Health Week is important to give back to the Dads, Uncles, and Grandfathers in our lives. Men need to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to be a positive influence on their families and community, and of course to themselves. Don’t forget to tell Dad you love him, give him a kiss and a hug, we’d really like and appreciate that especially since the things we do, we do for our family, for you.


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