DadSourcing Featured On Talking With Robots

On Wednesday, November 25th, DadSourcing Founder and CEO, Tyler Cameron was featured on Talking with Robots.

The IGTV feature is produced by Yellow Robot (@yellowrobotagency), a boutique marketing agency out of Burlington, Ontario. Talking With Robots is a weekly Instagram show that highlights local business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Yellow Robot’s Co-Founder, Kimberley Calderbank chats to Tyler about how DadSourcing started, where the company going in 2021, and what are the top tasks Dads are submitting to DadSourcing to date.

Tyler also revealed his top 3 pieces of advice for those out there looking to start a business. Here’s an overview of what those tops are for young and/or new entrepreneurs:

1) Know what you know – Just because you own the business doesn’t mean you know everything about everything. Stay within your means and skillset. When you are out of your depth in an area – ask for help or outsource.

2) Build-Measure-Learn – A book that all entrepreneurs should read is The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. One of the methods is to Build-Measure-Learn and get through this cycle as quickly as possible. So what this means as it relates to DadSourcing is that Tyler would build a process for a group of beta-Dads, they would go through the DadSourcing platform. Then the process would be measured (based on predetermined benchmarks) on success and learn from it. Then Tyler would tweak and introduce another 20-30 Dads and start the cycle all over again. This way you’re using validated learning to help shape the business to what my Dads and customers actually want vs. what you “think” they want.

3) The timing might never be right – Tyler waited and waited to officially launch DadSourcing because, like most, believed the pandemic would negatively affect his business. However, he finally just said “what am I waiting for?” and launched and hasn’t looked back.

Nobody knows what the future holds with COVID and the way people operate and Tyler knows DadSourcing provides a service that is extremely valuable to so many Dads out there during this time. Also, this is a time to really help and support mental health and that’s the true “WHY?” to the company and there’s no reason to put that on hold.

See below to view the entire episode:


If you want to learn more about DadSourcing or speak to Tyler directly about his entrepreneurial journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to


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