30 of the Best COVID-19 Dad Tweets to Brighten Your Day

Everyone has been worried about the current pandemic and schools, workplaces and shops everywhere have been closed due to the government advised quarantine.

We all need a silver lining in times of fear and uncertainty and having our kids at home 24/7 for the unforeseeable future. Parents have been posting about their personal experiences with dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and parenting on Twitter and we have 30 of the funniest tweets we’ve seen.

From dealing with toddlers to homeschooling problems to just being a parent in times of crisis, check out what some of our fellow parents have to say so you don’t feel alone in dealing with our current situation.

There are some great accounts above, be sure to give them a follow!

We hope we provided you with some stress-relief from being cooped up at home with the whole family during the pandemic.

Do you have any funny stories or funny tweets about parenting that you want to share with us?


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