Give the Gift of Time

Look no further to the most thoughtful gift you can offer the special Dad in your life. Whether it’s your Dad, your husband, brother, etc. there’s no better act of kindness than buying more hours in the day for the ones you love.

With DadSourcing, we can take care of the mundane tasks so that your “Dad” can get back to doing what they love. Let DadSourcing be their tool to free up time for the most important things in their life like spending time with the family or pursuing a side-hustle… or golf.

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Task Ideas


Can you help me find the perfect anniversary gift for my wife? She’s into hiking, horses and loves wine.

My wife and I looking to renovate our bathroom. Can you help find a reliable contractor that won’t completely rip me off and run away with all my money?

Quick it’s some kid named Tommy’s birthday this Saturday – he’s 5 years old and into Spiderman. Can you please find me something for $40 and have it wrapped and sent to my house?

It’s family vacation planning again, I don’t have time to research, please send me the top 3 all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean (4 star and above) we can go for $1,500 per person. Can you please rank them based on reviews?

Can you please call the YMCA and book the following dates (the are the PA Days for the entire school year) to secure a spot in their day camp for my daughter?

My son is into eSports/video games, can you look into some events in my area in the next 6 months?

Please call my daughter’s school and let them know she is sick and won’t be coming to school today or tomorrow.


I just moved and need to find a new place to play pick-up hockey, can you help me find a convenient and affordable skate once/week?

Chris just asked me to be his best man. I need to start planning his bachelor weekend, can you help me find some awesome within a 3-hour drive?

I need new wireless headphones, can you please research the best ones for under $300.

It’s our annual boys golf trip. If I send you the course details and the hotel we would like to stay in can you please call and make reservations? There will be 8 of us.

I need a plumber to come by the house on Saturday. Can you please call and set up an appointment between 12-5pm?

Can you tell me all about the benefits of CBD oil? Are there any risks?

I am ashamed to write this, but I really need to speak to a therapists about my anxiety and depression. Can you help me set up an appointment? I don’t even know where to start.


I am launching my own business, but don’t even know where to begin. Can you help me get incorporated? Website development? Marketing?

I’m stressed at work and need to offload some tasks. Can you please help with my expenses?

I want to start my own business, but don’t know if I have the money to do it. Can you help with financial advice?

Need someone to take my phone calls and follow up with customers to schedule appointments for my business. Can you help?

I have an idea for a business but need some help with market research. Can you research the need for mobile phone screen repairs in my area?

There’s a big presentation I am running at work on Wednesday. Can you hook me up with food (wraps, sandwiches and salads) and drinks (sparkling water and juice) for 15 people? My address is 100 Awesome St. in Toronto.

I’m entertaining a big client on Friday and I need it to go well. Can you suggest some fancy restaurants downtown Calgary as well as organize a car to pick up my client?


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